Islam Means Peace

(The first, i start to write particularly in english)
How can you say that? Yes, because Quran keep relating with your life what ever and how ever the condition. How to rich its goal?

Did  you know constantly long for and imagine were different..

It’s meaning not only by saying conversely by action…

Ya, what’s kinda manner to know that Qur’an say was true? Deep know and deep learn Qur’an till you were fierce curious. Then should you understand what the Qur’an said? Only answer in your heart!!

Such as there is no one agree when you do something or all of society ignoring you ..

You should be patient and keep praying to God… cuz life talking about how your relationship to God no other… the following even you got the new erudition direct to practice more and more made you understand what purpose from that.
Pare, 17 April 2016

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Author: Putri Rizki H

I am Putri Rizki H, a lifetime learner due to I realize, face the future and keep on surviving never stop learning, I will be stuck in my life. Cause everything in my worship and worldly is needed to upgrade the knowledge every time. Mostly, I wrote about Agriculture in different perspectives, books, reviews ( that I used, exactly), and anything that I curious about it. Keep Touching to me, a pleasure to contact me at

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